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GreenGrassText Box: Below are some FAQs that we believe will answer most questions. Contact us for more information.


Lawn Service

What areas do you service?

We service the far western suburbs of Chicago. Click here to see Service Area Map to see if we service your area!

How often should I schedule a cut & trim? Will you do a job just once for me?

For optimum results, we recommend that you cut and trim your lawn weekly in the spring and fall season and bi-weekly in the summer. The beauty of our service is that there is no contract, therefore, we do one-time jobs.  
How long is the Season?

The season begins in April and ends in November - weather permitting.  

What happens on rainy days?

We will not mow during heavy rains or if the turf area is saturated. In this case, we will re-schedule your service for the next available (dry) day. 
What should I do with the items in my lawn?

In order for us to offer affordable prices for our services, our crews must work efficiently and quickly. We ask that you please remove toys, lawn chairs, or any other miscellaneous items from your lawn prior to our crew showing up for service. 

What happens if my lawn is overgrown?

When you sign up for service it is assumed that your lawn is not overgrown; and prices are based as such. It takes substantially longer to mow an overgrown lawn, and clippings will need to be bagged and removed/disposed of. If our crew shows up for the first time to provide service and your lawn is overgrown you will be charged two times the quoted rate for the initial mowing.

Do you clean the leaves as part of the mowing service?

Leaf clean up is not a part of our mowing service. While we will mulch small amounts of leaves and disperse them into the lawn, large amounts of leaves will leave a less than desirable result. If your property has large trees or is surrounded by large trees, you may want to take advantage of our leaf blowing service to assure a well kept yard.

What should I do if my home has a gate?

If you lock your gate, we expect home owners to be on site to allow access for our crew or leave the gate unlocked on the service day. We can provide you a 2-hour window of service, letting you know our anticipated time of arrival.  Our crews are very careful about locking and closing gates, but we do not guarantee that a pet will not escape from the yard, therefore, you accept our service with this provision.

I own a pet that is often outdoors. Are there any special requirements for this service ?
As much as we enjoy pets, we simply cannot provide service with pets freely roaming the grounds for lengthy periods of time. Please make sure your pets are inside when we are out to service your yard. If your pet is outside we will not enter to mow the area. 

Does it cost less for homes with a pool?
Servicing a home with a pool actually creates more edging, line trimming, and less open areas to mow. It also takes extra time to minimize the grass clipping from going into the pool. Due to this, there is no reduction in price.

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